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Sunday Snippet from The Temptation

Meet Sage and Merrick from The Temptation…
We sat in silence for several seconds before I finally admitted, “I don’t know how I’m going to recover from this.”
The bartender returned with a basket of bread and two bowls of stew. “St. Mary’s Well,” he announced.
“I’m sorry?” My brow furrowed in confusion.
“You go to St. Mary’s Well to heal a broken heart. Everyone knows that.” He rolled his eyes.
“Not us tourists,” Sage muttered. “So, where’s this well, anyway?”
“It’s a good hour and fifteen away.” The man tugged at his chin. “But once you get there, you get on your knees and circle the well nine times.”
“Nine? On my knees?” I glanced at Sage. “This has to be a Catholic thing. There’s always a price for everything, absolution, forgiveness…healing.” I huffed before turning to the bartender again. “Then what?”
“Then you drink a cup of water from the well and you’re healed.” He washed a glass, dried it, and slung the towel over his shoulder.
I turned to Sage. “Did you hear that? Presto change-o. I’m healed. My knees are wrecked. I’ll need arthroscopic surgery, but my heart will be fanfuckingtastic.” I made an okay sign with my thumb and fingers.
She grinned and took a spoonful of stew. For a moment, she chewed thoughtfully. “You know, it might be worth it.
What do you have to lose?”
“Three hours of my time,” I replied.
Sage snorted. “Yes, but then, presto change-o, you’re healed!” Then she smiled at me and I caved.
“Fine, but if I have to do some Irish legend quest, then you do too.” I turned to the bartender. “Whatcha got for her?”
“I don’t know. What’s her problem?” He chuckled.
“No love. Can’t find one. I have a broken heart. She has an empty one.” I shrugged. “You know. The usual.”
“Hey, it’s not empty,” Sage argued. “I’ve just never…given it to anyone. Never really loved anyone. Barely dated. Only a few unrequited crushes. That usual.” She glared at me.
“Have you considered Saint Valentine?” The bartender tilted his head.
“Yeah. I don’t get it. The man was served death three ways. I’m beginning to wonder why we celebrate February 14th at all. Seems almost mean.” She shook her head sadly.
“The man died for love,” the bartender argued. “You might want to try living for it.” Then he moved down the bar to serve a couple who had just arrived.
“That was way harsh.” She frowned as she finished eating a few minutes later.
“So, you gonna do it?” I asked, suddenly interested.
“You doing yours?” She challenged.
I leaned forward. “I will if you will.”
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Sunday Snippet: Love Me Tinder

From Love Me Tinder
I glanced at the clock. He’d packed quicker than I expected. The clock showed it wasn’t quite 8:15pm. I had an idea. Picking up my phone, I called Sid. “Come over,” I urged when she finally answered.
“Ugh. It’s after eight. This better be an emergency. You know I about hibernate the moment the sun sets. The other night was an exception.” She sighed. “I suppose tonight could be too. You need me?”
“Yeah. I do,” I admitted quietly. “But I promise I’m not going to be all mopey. And there won’t be any drama because Milo moved out.”
“Wow. That was fast. Say no more. Let me put on pants…and a bra. Then I’ll be right over.” Sid laughed.
While I waited the twenty minutes for her to arrive, I covered the broken window with cardboard, secured it with packing tape, and began to plan the redesign of my life, which was why I needed Sid. I was all ideas. She was execution. Together, we were unstoppable. When I heard her knock, I rolled over to the door using my office chair and unlocked it. The window repair had taken a lot out of me. The second Sid entered the house, I was in work mode. “This one.” I tapped on the color swatch I had pulled out of my desk all of ten minutes ago.
“Cool shade of teal. Where?” Sid glanced around at my stark white office walls.
“The door. Just the door for now. I think.” I shrugged.
“Where did you get this?” She pointed to the stack of color swatches I had stacked on the corner of my desk.
“I’ve been holding onto them for a while.” I inhaled deeply. This part hurt, admitting how much I’d let Milo hold me back. “You’ve seen the rest of the house. I kept wanting to paint. My parents had no problem with it. Only, Milo never wanted to, never wanted me to, refused to hire anyone. I gave up. Pretty much on everything but life.”
Her head cocked to the side as she eyed me carefully. “You know, this is your chance to live. Take it from a woman who was suddenly single and seriously knows what it’s like to be on her own. There’s a beauty in losing a man and finally finding yourself. It’s not all pain. I promise.”
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Sunday Snippet: Stay

I’m almost done with Stay, so this is the last snippet you’ll see before I publish. Hope you love Cadence and Xander.
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I wrapped my arms around my body. “I can’t just follow you around and piggy back on your dream. I have to have my own thing too. Make sense?”
“This makes perfect sense.” He paused in the hall outside our door. “So, what are you passionate about? Start building your dream. I’ll support you in every way you’ll allow.” Xander opened our door and motioned for me to enter first. Once I stepped inside he asked, “Seriously. What do you like?”
I laughed. “That was an easy question. Food and wine. Maybe especially wine. It makes me feel sophisticated.”
“I should’ve known this. After all, your first act around the silo was to make wine.” He chuckled. “How much longer until we can test the product of your efforts?”
“Probably at least a week still.” I moaned. “So…forever.”
“Look, you haven’t seen the land yet. You have no idea what’s out there, but I’ll give you the grand tour now that you can move around.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I planted grape vines. You know, just a few to start, but they seem to be taking hold. They produced. Not a ton, but they are still small.”
“What are you trying to say?” I huffed. “Spit it out. Dammit.”
“You could plant more. You could grow all the grapes you want. I have so much land. I’m talking more than fifty acres. That’s a lot of grapes.” His eyes sparkled and I knew he thought he was on to something. He wasn’t wrong.
“Why would you do that?” My brow furrowed.
“I thought that was obvious, Cadence,” Xander whispered. Then he leaned low and kissed my cheek before murmuring in my ear, “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you, give you whatever you need, if only you’ll stay.”

1/7: Sunday Snippet for Stay (Coming 1/29!)

You know what today is…
From Stay…
Apparently, the clatter or my whimper had forced the return of the guy with the silo. I heard his footsteps as he came down the hall. He stopped in the doorway and I imagine he scanned the room a moment before he found me a few feet away on the floor. His steps drew closer. I forced myself to peek up at him. “Yo,” I mumbled.
He chuckled. “’Sup?”
“Listen, Bundy, I don’t have the energy to be coy right now. In fact, I’m downright cranky.” I moved my arm enough so he could see I was glaring up at him.
“Al?” His brows peaked hopefully.
I shook my head. “Ted.”
“I was afraid of that.” He sighed. “So, how do I redeem myself?”
“You could start by setting the knife down.” I smirked.
“This?” He hefted the imposing blade higher. “It’s a machete.”
“Not making this better, Ted.” I crossed my arms over my body and shook my head.
“I was about to go out in the garden. I’ll have you know this is the best multi-purpose gardening tool I’ve ever owned.” He shrugged and set it on the side table.
“I’ll have you know, it’s truly terrifying.” My brow arched.
He frowned. “I can see that.” He walked around my body and started to hold out a hand.
“Wait. Before you get a hernia trying to yank me off the floor, can I at least get the name of the guy who’s going to sue me for damages, unless you’ve grown accustomed to the name Ted, or…it’s your real name.” I batted my eyelashes at him and offered my most winning smile.
“Oh, right. Yeah, I’m…” His eyes flitted about the room and I had a sense he was trying to come up with some fake name.
“Got it. You don’t want me to have your real name. Ted it is.” I held out my hand. “I’m Cadence. Real name. Oh, and my dental work is up to date, so unless you do a seriously good job of the body dump, they will figure out who I am.” He hesitated before touching me.
“I’m not going to hurt you, Cadence,” he murmured. “I’m Xander.” His hand wrapped around mine. “Let me help you get back to the sofa.” Gently, he pulled me to a sitting position. Squatting in front of me, he added, “And I carried you to the car all by myself. No extra help, no dolly, all me. Now, stop downing yourself.”
I averted my eyes. My self-deprecating sense of humor had begun to develop in college when the freshman fifteen found my fanny. I felt better if I made light of what others were probably already thinking. “To the couch then?”
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Sunday Snippet for Stay

From Stay Coming 1/29/2018

 “Stop it,” I hissed as I pushed Jordan’s hand off my bare knee for the fifth time in a matter of minutes. “I’ve tried subtle. I’ve tried sweet. Now, I’m pissed.” I stared at him. In his mid-thirties, my boss was considered incredibly attractive by most with his sun-kissed hair, bronze skin, and green eyes, but I saw him differently since we worked so closely together.

“You shouldn’t mess with the driver,” he teased. “I really need to concentrate on these country roads.”

“Right. So, maybe you shouldn’t mess with me.” I glared at him.

He chuckled. “Do you have any idea where we are?”

Chills ran up and down my spine. I glanced out the window and watched for a sign. There was nothing but trees surrounding the narrow road. I opened up my map app, but it refused to load. “The middle of fucking nowhere,” I grumbled.

“Exactly. It’s a long drive back to L.A.” He grinned, much like a wolf who had homed in on his prey. “Hell, I don’t know what you’re complaining about. You should be thrilled I’m even remotely interested in you.” Jordan looked me up and down briefly before turning his attention back to the road.

I sucked in a breath of stale air as my eyes widened. “And why is that?”

“You’re not exactly my type,” he sneered. “You’ve seen the women I date…long, lean, drop-dead gorgeous. Basically, your complete opposite.”

With a hollow laugh, I considered my words. “I thought female was your only requirement. Oh, and alive. I had no idea you had such discerning tastes.”