#WIP Wednesday: Stay


From Stay…
Cadence looked so sad all of a sudden. I knew I’d hit on a painful subject. I suspected as much when I forced her into the conversation. I’m not sure what came over me, but when her face paled, and tears began to flood her eyes, I had to kiss her. Leaning closer, I lifted her chin with my finger. When she didn’t pull away, my spirit was bolstered. As I drew near, I pressed my forehead to hers while digging deep for the courage I needed. “May I?” I asked quietly as I stared into her eyes.
She closed them and tears dripped down her cheeks. She nodded slightly. When I didn’t move, she whispered, “Yes.”
I knew it wasn’t me. I figured there was some memory eating at her. Even though I wanted to hear all about her past, all about what had shaped her into the person I couldn’t stop thinking about, I didn’t want to pry. Oh, but I would. “Help me understand, Cadie,” I murmured against her cheek as I brushed my lips over her smooth skin.
She inhaled sharply. “What’s to understand?” Her voice had taken on a faraway quality and I guessed she was already lost in another memory.
I kissed a trail to her ear. “You,” I whispered. “I want to understand you.”
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