WIP Wednesday: Stay

From Stay
“You blame me!” Lexi shouted. “Admit it!”
I ran a hand through my short dark hair then licked my lips before responding, adding an extra second of thought before I spoke. Naturally, it didn’t help. My feelings spilled out. “Why wouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t I? Your fucking greed cost me my dream.” I crossed my hands over my chest and turned away, stalking toward my front door and away from her.
Soon, the sharp tap of her stilettos sounded on the pavement behind me. I stiffened, but when I continued to ignore her, I hoped she’d take the hint and leave. “What can I do, Xander? How can I fix this?”
I whipped around and threw my hands in the air. “You can’t!” My heart raced and blood rushed to my face as the humiliation of the experience washed over me. My eyes closed, I spoke in a low voice, “Just go.”
“I don’t want to go. We need to talk about this.” Lexi tossed her long blonde hair over her shoulder and stared at me with those pleading blue eyes of hers. She knew what she was doing. Normally, I’d melt. I’d take her into my arms, and soon we’d be in my bed, making up. She stared up at me through her lush dark lashes. “Please,” she whispered in her sultriest voice.
This time, I stiffened, feeling more than a little manipulated. “No. My career is over. My life is over.”
Lexi huffed. “The two are mutually exclusive. You can have a life and build a new career. We can do this together. So…being a solo artist didn’t work out.” Her nostrils flared as she spoke. “There are tons of bands out there who need a lead singer, a guitar player, someone with your stage presence. They need Xander Cross.”