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It’s FREEBIE Time!!


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Three players. Two friends. One common enemy.

Harry Spencer had doubts about his friendship with Drew, and concerns about his career choice, but whether or not to support Ty had never been questioned. Without hesitation, he drove from LA to Vegas dragging drunk Drew with him. There was nothing Harry wouldn’t do to show his support, but at some point enough was too much. When a beautiful woman falls at his feet, Harry finally sees what’s missing from his life.

Laney Jenner hated her career as a forensic accountant, which was as far from Broadway as a performer could get. Luckily, she loved the financial security her position provided, even if did suck the hope out of her. The current job sent her to sin city, where figuring out the dirty left her soiled too. Only by spending time with Harry will she ever be able to clean up her messy life again.

Friendships are tested. Friendships are mended. A dream deferred can still come true.


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